Conny Barry Psychotherapist MA MEd CCC

I'm Conny Barry

Registered Psychotherapist,
M.A. M.Ed. R.P. C.C.C.

I provide counselling and therapy for the individual, couple and family.

On-line phone and video sessions are available for your appointment.

Issues arise in the course of life, which affect our emotional well-being. Sometimes we get through them with or without the help of friends, family, and work colleagues. Other times we need counselling help, and for deeper-rooted issues we need some therapy, to work through the issues and attain a fresh state of well-being.

In this time of the corona-virus pandemic, many people are feeling more isolated and alone. It becomes more important to reach out for help and guidance to cope with your issues. You can book an on-line counselling session. Secure video and telephone options are available.

I have been working with individuals, couples and families as counsellor and therapist for over 25 years and can help you in confidence and with caring, compassion and understanding. There is no need to suffer prolonged emotional pain. Call me at 1-613-733-1422 or send an email to and I will get back to you right away.

Learn about what I do

Why and when you might want counselling.

There are situations that you cannot always sort out on your own.

Why psychotherapy?

People generally come to therapy for a reason, such as a negative event or feeling that is causing them discomfort, loneliness, grief, pain and disease. Together we discuss, analyze and work through these issues allowing the person to develop coping strategies.

What issues might make psychotherapy right for you?

  • Anxiety and depression
  • Couple and family issues (e.g. separation, divorce, family of origin)
  • Sexuality and relationships: sexual identity; orientation; sexual dysfunction
  • Loneliness leading to irritability and discontent from being isolated
  • Issues of personal identity and growth
  • Grief and bereavement
  • Fact and fear of aging
  • Trauma and critical incident management
  • Workplace stress
  • About anxiety, depression, anger and grief

    Anxiety, Depression, Anger and Grief are painful emotions that we have to learn to deal with in the normal course of life. Sometimes they can be overwhelming. We might feel threatened or fearful from situations and events that others seem quite able to manage their way through. We may need to develop strategies for anger management or coping with bereavement. In these situations it's maybe time to get some help.

    When we deal with losses and adversity in the things that really matter to us such as our health, relationships or wealth, it can be distressing. While there are difficult emotional stages in processing the sense of loss, and that these feelings are normal, does not lessen the fact that they are painful. Counselling or psychotherapy can help you through this ordeal. Let's get you back on your feet to continue on your journey in life, with joy.

    When we are stuck in any of these negative emotional places, counseling may be right for you. Just call me and we can discuss how I can help you. There is no need for prolonged suffering.

    About Couples

    Situations can arise either suddenly or over time in relationships, marriages and families, that make it wise to arrange for counselling to assist in regaining the peace, love, and joy that was once there.

    Love and marriage bring a spring to your step and joy to your heart. If that however goes away then life can become a struggle for happiness. If it has reached the point in your relationship where your partner just can't do anything right, or it feels that you just can't do anything right, this is a sure sign that it isn't going in a good direction. If you are tired of arguing and feel you are getting nowhere, or you can't even be bothered to try and discuss things, it's time to seek help in the form of counselling and therapy before anything else.

    While it seems easy enough in this world to just walk away from the relationship when things aren't working out, there are very good reasons for trying to regain the spark that was once there, especially if there are children. No matter what, there will be a lot of pain and suffering in a break up and it reaches out to the family and friends, as well as the couple themselves.

    If people can come into counselling with an open mind they can regain a love for one another. Sometimes the issues unsettling a relationship are deep rooted and will simply move on into the next relationship if not dealt with. A few sessions of counselling might be a sound investment in your futures.

    Stresses in relationships can be the result of infidelity and adultery, or communication between spouses. They can also be from issues affecting one of the partners such as depression or other such unresolved issues. These are things that can be addressed by individual psychotherapy with the help and support of the family.

    Coping with Separation and Divorce

    Separation and divorce can bring a lot of personal challenges and require the best of your coping skills. When you are facing up to the reality that separation is inevitable it's very normal to be on an emotional roller coaster ride. When that decision has been made, you have to leave behind a set of dreams and begin to rebuild a new future. These are times when it can be a wise thing to reach out for guidance and support.

    Family Counselling

    Stresses in families (and extended families) can also arise from the challenges brought by adolescents, aging parents, elder care, co-parenting, dealing with divorce family conflicts, resolving family of origin issues, and coping with mixed and blended families.

    The family is the mainstay of human existence, being the cradle for bringing life into the world and providing love and nurturing. In today's society it faces a bombardment of social and psychological challenges. If things are not going right for one person, they can easily change life for the worse for all family members. Counselling and therapy can turn things around when the family members cannot do it on their own.

    Arranging Counselling and Therapy.

    The first steps will be to contact me by telephone or by e-mail to arrange an initial consultation. The first meeting is an assessment session where I will gain an idea of your current life situation, history, and feelings/thoughts. It is also an opportunity for you to clarify any questions you might have and put forth any issues that you might wish to work on. We will then make arrangements to start the counselling or therapy. Counselling is for dealing with a specific situation while therapy is to work through deep-rooted problems.

    What is my availability?

    I offer both day and evening appointments. Client- home and telephone appointments are also available according to the circumstances.

    How long does therapy last?

    Together, we will determine the duration of therapy that is right for you. Generally, you will sense that therapy has been successfully completed when you have dealt with the issues you initially presented. You will notice that you have renewed energy, interest, and enthusiasm about various aspects of your life as well as the confidence to embrace new challenges and endeavours.

    What is my “style” as a therapist?

    You can expect my full commitment to helping you uncover and discover more about yourself and your relationships with others; the factors and patterns that affect your emotional life; and, the choices available to you in order to affect change and growth. I am an active listener, paying close attention to what you communicate to me.

    What is the cost?

    My fees are comparable to those of other professionals working in a similar field. Private insurance and third party insurance coverage may be available. Payments are made on a per-session basis, or as arranged, either by cash, personal cheque, or e-draft. My cancellation policy is 24 hours notice.

    Contacting Me

    Address: 1785 Dorset Drive, Ottawa

    Phone: 1-613-733-1422


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    My experience

    I am Conny Barry, a registered psychotherapist located in Ottawa, Canada with over twenty-five years experience.

    For 15 of those years, I have worked on a multidisciplinary team in a general hospital setting focused on youth and families. I also, amongst other duties, supervised residents in their training and delivered in-house lectures.

    For the past 10 years, I have been working in private practice with individuals and couples as well as working with issues within their families. Some of the issues I work with include anxiety, depression, personal identity and growth, sexuality, aging, grief and bereavement.

    I have studied and received professional supervision in the fields of psychology, counselling and psychotherapy ultimately obtaining graduate degrees from McGill University and the University of Ottawa.

    I am a Registered Psychotherapist with the Ontario College of Registered Psychotherapists (CRPO), a member of the Ontario Association of Mental Health Professionals (OAMHP) and a Canadian Certified Counsellor (CCC).

    If you feel that I might be able to assist you, I look forward to discussing with you in a more personal way both your needs and my approach. Please do not hesitate to contact me either by phone or email to begin your journey towards change.

    I am an associate of Capital Choice Counselling Group.